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Our primary service is the sale of quality goats. We take this very seriously and screen all future owners to make sure the animal will receive a good home.

The quality of our goats is superb. We typically place first or second at the county fairs and while showing we have turned the heads of some very prodigious goat breeders.

Our prices range from $150 to $300 depending on breed, age, registration and sex.

Stud Service

Yellow Beard pictured below will gladly offers his stud service at a cost of $75

We have two registered Sable Saanen bucks from different blood lines.

Duke, our second stud, has like Yellow Beard satisfied our clients with beautiful            healthy, fast growing kids. Sheng, one of our pleased customers, has two of Duke's             daughters which are only a few months old in the photograph below.


Farm Tours

We offer educational tours of our farm for $25 per family. These tours are tailored to your needs which can range from basic questions to running a farm. Call 831-331-3176 to make an appointment.

Boulder Creek Farm Boarding Services

We provide quality boarding service for goats, Our facilities are secure and comfortable. Each stall has a spacious yard for the animals to exercise in. We also have fitting stands and a scale available. Alfalfa, grain,and fresh water provided as part of the boarding cost. Other services are listed below: 

Boarding$10 a day per goat
Milking$10 a day per goat
Hoove Trim$10 per goat
Disbudding         $25 per kid
Banding $20 per kid
Shaving$50 per goat


Internship is an opportunity to learn what running a small goat farm is really like. My interns work from 7:30 to 9:30am for as many days as they like. You will clean stalls, restrain goats for grooming, disbudding and banding. Of course, you learn to milk a goat and trim hooves. During this time you get to ask all kinds of questions about the care of goats and learn from our experience. Internship is for educational purposes only with no pay involved.

Personal Goat Classes 

If you can't be an intern and require the above skills, you can make an appointment to bring your animals to our farm and I will show you how to do these procedures. A fee will be charged depending on what the task is and how many animals are involved. These procedures are best shown in person.

Barn Layout

You can reach Sarah at 831-331-3176 or email at: bouldercreekgoat@aol.com