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We are on 4 acres nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains. The land is covered with oak and madrone trees. We did have poison oak but the goats have since taken care of this problem!

The barn.Our barn is 8 feet wide and 100 feet long. There are 7 stalls with a hallway that runs the entire length. The barn is built against a hillside and has a raised floor off the ground. This is a mixed blessing as the goats are kept away from the elements but it requires daily cleaning.

"Sky" in her stall.Each stall is 5 by 12 feet and has a sundeck plus ramp which leads to a 15 by 60 foot yard. Each stall has an automatic water system, feed bins and electrical outlet overhead. The entire barn is well lit and includes porch lights to illuminate the decks and yards..

We place only one to two adult animals in a stall / yard so they have plenty of space. Our goats are very happy with the accommodations! We have a milking stand and a livestock scale. The scale is very useful for the 4-H kids to keep track of their animals weight gain. We have a sink and freezer which is used to store milk and meat.

Our 4 acres is fenced and the goats go out to pasture once a day for about an hour. This helps cut down on the feed cost and gives them exercise. The property is protected by an electric fence on the outside perimeter. This is to keep dogs and coyotes away. We have never had an incident but we always get nervous during kidding season.

We power our facilities using a clean energy source. We have two arrays of polycrystaline solar panels that make use of the abundant sun shine. Our system generates ample power even during cloudy days. Check out our Solar Power page to learn more about our earth friendly operation.