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Originally a 2.9 kilowatt system was built in 2001. This environmentally friendly free energy project began with thirty-two 90 watt panels. (seen below) This system met ninety percent of our entire farm’s needs for eight years until we used more electricity for aquariums and a larger heat pump / air conditioner, at which point it satisfied seventy percent of our usage. We then installed twenty-eight 200 watt panels in May of 2010. The total power generated by our solar farm is now 8.5 kilowatts, twice as much as the farm requires. The excess energy will power an all electric car called the Nissan Leaf. We will be able to cover a 100 mile daily range and live comfortably through-out the year, all from the sun!

Goats by panels

2011 Nissan Leaf

Misty morning

House, Car and all the panels