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We feed our goats alfalfa. Each goat gets half a flake per day. The amount you feed depends largely on the amount of pasture you have available. Our 3 acres cannot sustain our base herd of 8. In addition, we give about 4 cups of grain of wet cob (4 way grain) to each adult per day and half that amount to the younger animals.

The amount you feed also depends on the breed and the use of the animal.

For example: a pregnant doe requires a higher protein diet compared to a whether.

The best way to tell if your animal is getting enough nutrition is observe the animal.

A skinny goat will be showing all of the ribs and hip bones. To see if your goat is too fat, feel along the spinal cord. You should feel the small lumps of the spine. One of the place that fat collects first is around the spinal cord.

You must be careful if you plan to switch the type of feed. Goats have a tendency to bloat which can result in death. Baking soda in water can help relieve bloat.