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Barn - This can be anything from posts and a roof to a fully enclosed structure. The main objective is to provide the animals shelter from the elements. An enclosed stall is recommended for birthing.

Water - You must provide a constant supply of clean water. Automatic watering systems are great and require near zero maintenance.

Lighting - The barn and area requires lighting to be able to inspect and treat the animals at any time of the day.

Feed - We have feed troughs in each of our stalls but in good weather we simply place a flake of alfalfa on the deck. The area where you place their food needs to be clean. We also feed grain and place this in bins that are mounted in the stalls.

Fencing - Provides a protected space for either yards or pasture. Fencing is an essential part of protecting your livestock. We also have an electric wire that runs along the fence to discourage would be predators.

Space - Don't crowd your animals. They need space just like we do. Having a large enough yard and access to a pasture makes for happy animals. This also provides a means for them to exercise.When raising meat goats we found that you need the right balance of feed and activity to achieve high quality results.

Plants - Goats will eat just about anything. Make sure your pasture is free from plants that can cause harm.